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My name is Ron Klinefelter, owner of Spring Valley Organic Growers, a small organic market growing operation in the beautiful mountains of the Buffalo River country of North Central Arkansas.  I have been growing for over 30 years and growing commercially for 9 years.  I grow organic vegetables and berries in season, and have two greenhouses for growing salad fixin's during the winter with no supplemental heat.
You can reach me at if you have comments, questions, or suggestions. Thank you for stopping by my web site!


I am a guest two or three times a year on The Power Hour, a shortwave radio show, as their "organic gardening and greenhouse expert." The show is heard around the world. 
 They have my latest books for sale at their Power Mall store. 
1. An Easy To Build Greenhouse And Other Projects
2. Easy To Build Outdoor Fire Pits, Cookers, And Other Projects. 





Order books at: 

I run this farm by myself and enjoy every day working out in the sunshine and fresh air of God's green earth. I also occasionally do outside jobs as an independent contractor. I'm a stone mason in dry laid native stone walls. As a landscaper I do garden layouts and installation.  I also have the machinery that bends tubing for greenhouses.

Checking  on garlic, almost ready to harvest

My farm all cleaned up and ready to go
Haulin' organics by the ton!
Beginning the block laying on the new root cellar
The ultimate Ozark outhouse....made of all native aromatic cedar with the upside down horseshoe for good luck, a moon in the door and a homemade latch and handle.  Owner is leaning against it catching some shade.
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