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Root cellar project partially complete using boulders dug out during excavation to cover front entrance.
Construction continues on cabin above root cellar, and adding a small carport with steel bar joists.
Framing porch joists on cabin above root cellar.
Framing carport roof, using tractor as a scaffold.
Laying stone walls with some Big blast-rock, and 48' greenhouse on a house I built for someone else.
48 foot greenhouse I custom built for a client.
Ready to plant!
A landscape job I did using a combination of big stone, pavers, and garden wall manufactured blocks.
Watering the new plantings in, and jabbing in stainless steel solar night lights.
Homemade broadfork made out of really good steel from antique hay rake teeth. 
Nice for loosening soil without inverting it.
white oak logs awaiting inoculation for growing mushrooms.
inoculating white oak logs with Shitake mushroom spawn after drilling rows of 
sealing the inoculant filled holes with wax. Should have mushrooms by fall!
hillside terracing to make growing beds  possible
stone retaining walls with built in stone seating bench, and winding stair steps
the greenhouse at night with solar lights under a full moon……..
pretty cool!
38' bridge over our creek made out of 2 municipal garbage truck frames butt welded with 70,000 pound rod
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